Following our first look at a scruffy, bearded Hugh Jackman, more new photos from the set of The Wolverine 3 have popped up online, giving us a peek at Patrick Stewart’s return as Professor Charles Xavier. To be honest, he doesn’t look like he’s feeling so good in these pics, which also feature Jackman and a mysterious kid co-star — which makes this look like they’re filming Two and a Half X-Men.

The latest batch of set photos from The Wolverine sequel (via Just Jared) have been making the rounds on social media:



The photos give us our first look at X-Men star Patrick Stewart, reprising his role as Charles Xavier for Jackman’s final outing. It looks like Logan and Xavier are on the run from…something…and the latter appears to be feeling unwell, or maybe he’s just about to sneeze. It happens.

Aside from Stewart, and Jackman’s killer jacket (seriously, where can I get one of those?), the most interesting part of these photos is their miniature co-star. Rumors (supported by Bryan Singer and the X-Men: Apocalypse post-credits scene) heavily suggest that X-23 — Wolverine’s female clone — will be introduced to the X-Universe, but we just sort of assumed she’d be a bit older.

Then again, the X-Men movies have rebooted with a younger cast, so it would make sense to see a younger version of X-23. And the idea of watching Jackman and Stewart hit the road with a kid in tow is pretty delightful — like a classic ’80s road trip movie, but with mutants and fight scenes and the inevitable slashing of faces via adamantium claws.

The Wolverine 3 also stars Richard E. Grant as a mad scientist and Boyd Holbrook as a mysterious corporate enforcer, with Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Eriq LaSalle in unspecified roles. The sequel is scheduled to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.