Named this week as one of ComicsAlliance's picks for best comics of the year, Prophet opens 2013 with a new story written and drawn by Simon Roy, the artist who with Brandon Graham relaunched the series to massive acclaim in 2012. Roy's done-in-one issue goes on sale next week and introduces John Ka, an Earth Empire scout who awakens on a world where feral humans are hunted for food. Set approximately ten thousand years in the future, the human race is all but extinct and Earth is overrun by all manners of gross aliens and bug monsters. An ancient signal awakes clones of John Prophet, a warrior from our time whose influence on the future has yet to be fully explained. Each Prophet clone journeys through a setting of immense detail and overwhelming mood created by series writer/artist Brandon Graham and a team of artists that's included Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple and Giannis Milonogiannis. The sprawling space opera has been building creepily towards a major revelation concerning an interstellar war that Earth apparently lost, as well as more details about the original "Old Man" Prophet.

Prophet #32 goes on sale next Wednesday in finer comics shops and digitally from ComiXology.

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