In one of the truly weirdest (but welcome) announcements at New York Comic Con, Image Comics revealed that a new slate of creators will be reviving Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios titles like Prophet, Youngblood, Extreme, Bloodstrike, and Glory, books whose gargantuan muscles, boobs and guns epitomized the "extreme" aesthetics of comics in the '90s. The surprising part? The creators involved include Alan Moore, Brandon Graham, Ross Campbell and Black Swan screenwriter John McLaughlin.

We're particularly excited for Prophet, which will be written (not drawn!) by King City creator Brandon Graham and illustrated by Simon Roy, and we have six preview pages from the book available online exclusively here at ComicsAlliance. Frankly, it looks awesome, and it's fascinating to see Graham's dense building -- and creative quirks, like inventory lists -- executed by another artist. Check it out, along with the full roster of Extreme Studios titles, below.

Extreme Studios Books and Creators for 2012:

Prophet, written by Brandon Graham with art by Simon Roy.

Glory, written by Joe Keatinge with art by Ross Campbell.

Supreme, written by Alan Moore with by art Erik Larsen and Cory Hamscher.

Bloodstrike, written by Tim Seeley with art by Francheco Gaston.

Youngblood, written by John McLaughlin with art by Jon Malin and Rob Liefeld.

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