If you've been following Bryan Lee O'Malley's Twitter and Tumblr feeds, you are no doubt aware that the Scott Pilgrim creator has been mainlining a lot of vintage X-Men comics as of late, compelling him to create this reinterpretation of the beautiful and deadly and occasionally Japanese mutant ninja known as Psylocke. O'Malley's take on the character is notably thongless but does adapt the "thigh rings" element of her famously skimpy costume as modern leggings, rounded out with some fashionably chunky platform wedges. X-Men: Season One artist and fellow Psylocke redesign hobbyist Jamie McKelvie described O'Malley's effort as "Preeeetty good," leading to an ultimately bloodless and jovial late night back-and-forth that for an instant this insomniac hoped feared would tear Twitter asunder. Alas.

Anyway, check out O'Malley's Psyclocke after the cut.

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