After a quadruple Emmy win for "Pushies Daisies" on Sunday night, show creator Bryan Fuller expressed his gratitude for the academy's recognition of the canceled series -- and his hope that the "forensic fairytale" about a piemaker who can revive the dead would soon find new life elsewhere:

"It's a tremendous honor to see 'Daisies' win in so many categories -- and in the spirit of the show, win posthumously. Now can we please make the 'Pushing Daisies' movie?"

Fans looking for more "Pushing Daisies" beyond TV will also have a chance to see the further adventures of Ned and Chuck in an upcoming "Pushing Daisies" comic from DC, which will be co-written by Fuller himself and continue where the television show left off. Fuller spoke to ComicsAlliance recently about the series, and one plotline that will deal with the familiar comic book theme of zombies. "It's Ned versus a thousand corpses," said Fuller. "It's our take on a zombie film, but the zombies are articulate and smart and can do things that no other zombie can do."

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