Long before superheroes walked upon pulpy paper pages, tall tales provided Americans with their requisite dose of superhuman exploits. Slue-Foot Sue was one such superlady, a cowgirl strong enough to wrangle a giant catfish and win the heart of Pecos Bill, and whose wedding-day bustle bounced her all the way to the moon. Illustrator Rachel Dougherty draws up Slue-Foot Sue's unlikely misadventure, as well as partying zoo animals, a drunken Pokemon, an ill-fated saber-toothed tiger and the youthful Dorian Gray.
Dougherty's painted illustrations have appeared in magazines, books and even on the sides of Maryland buses. Recently, Dougherty has been illustrating Hullabaloo at the Zoo, a children's book by Michael Goldoor that features plenty of dapper and dancing animals. I'm particularly in love with her Slue-Foot Sue pieces, however. You can see more paintings from the tall tale on Dougherty's blog, but this version of the spunky mythical cowgirl needs a full-length children's book.