From a Slimer with boobs to a "The Killing Joke" Barbara Gordon flashing her batarangs, we've been pretty resoundingly scarred by the often-insane "geek burlesque" trend. In the case of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, however, a raunchy battle between evil ex Roxy Richter and Ramona Flowers seems plausible enough... if you're into slash fiction.Posted by YouTube user Sandyinwondrland, the video features Lily Stitches as Ramona Flowers and Luna Chase as Roxy Richter. Whether or not those are real names is up to your imagination, which is really the only thing you'll have to imagine aside from a few pieces of skillfully-placed tape.

If you happened to attend Cosplay Burlesque's Friday night show last weekend at Anime USA 2010, then you already know how this vid went down. The rest of us can watch in full and work to solve the mystery of what "Ramona" is throwing to the crowd from her messenger bag. My guess? White chocolate Toblerone bars.

Check out the Not-Really-Safe-For-Work video below:

[Via Twitter @EdgarWright]

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