Movies: Sources say The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is being pushed back from its planned summer 2016 release to "an undetermined date" in 2017. [Ain't It Cool]


Television: This Brazilian promo for The CW's The Flash shows more footage of scientists watching Barry Allen run. They sure do watch him run! [ComicBookMovie]



Movies: Channing Tatum, our future Gambit, would also really like to play Sam Keith's The Maxx. [ScreenCrush]



Art: Here's that Disney-style drawing of all 13 Doctors from Doctor Who and companion Amy Pond that you wanted. Artist Stephen Byrne sure made the Second and Fourth Doctors short, didn't he? [MTV]



Television: HBO's president of programming says the network's planned adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book American Gods because they just couldn't make the script work. [Vulture]


Movies: Simon Pegg says Edgar Wright's departure from the Ant-Man movie is Marvel's loss. [Hey U Guys]

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