Like a lot of brats who grew up watching waaaay too much TGIF, my corneas are forever seared with the image of "Full House's" Michelle Tanner giving the world a disingenuous thumbs up. Additionally, my younger sister and a new wife have succeeded in grafting about a baker's dozen "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley" songs directly onto my temporal lobe. I'm not unique in my pain, the Olsen Twins have left many of us with scars that will never fade, but is it possible that "Bone" and "RASL" creator Jeff Smith is among our numbers?

The recently released cover for "RASL" #8 prominently features a character known only as a spooky little girl. She's been popping up in the series quite a bit lately, so much so that Smith noted her fan response on his blog. Personally, I think she looks like just like an Olsen Twin, which only adds to her character's inherent creeptacularity.

Now, I don't want to accuse an artist as renowned as Smith of sketching along to ABC Family's "Full House" reruns. The man has better things to do. But I can't help but be horrifically shaped by my own Olsen trauma. Will I be picking up "RASL" #8 despite the fact that its cover image haunts me in my sleep?

You got it dude.[Via The Comics Reporter]

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