In Raven #2, out October 19, the titular Teen Titan is faced with multiple mysteries, not the least of which is how to be a happy and socially functional high school student.

Raven is written by Marv Wolfman, the character's creator, with art by Alisson Borges and colors by Blond. Yet despite the presence of Wolfman, this Raven bears little resemblance to the original version from the old New Teen Titans comics, and that's probably for the best, as that character wouldn't do as well leading her own title. This version is far more charismatic, and seems to owe a lot to the Raven that Tara Strong voiced on the Teen Titans animated series. (A sillier version of that character, still voiced by Strong, appears in the current Teen Titans Go.)

But what makes this mini-series interesting is that Raven's not hanging out in Titans Tower with other superhero teens who can relate to her weirdness. She's staying with her aunt's family in San Francisco, and attending a public high school. Raven makes a great fish out of water, especially since she wears her distinctive blue hood to school every day.

As we see in this preview, Raven #2 picks up right where the first issue ended, with Raven's soul self being pulled from her body and into the sky. Who's behind that, and what it has to do with the mysterious "white carnival," are questions we don't yet have answers for, but Raven's certainly motivated to learn them.




Here's the official word from DC:


“White Carnival” part two! As Raven settles into her new life in San Francisco, one of her classmates goes missing. Then another. When Raven begins to investigate, she is shocked to learn that disappearances have been happening all over the city…and now it’s up to her to discover the truth!


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