We've all heard by now that Young Justice is finally coming back for a third season. But we don't know anything yet about what that's going to consist of. For DC fans like myself, one of the best things about Young Justice was its expansiveness. This was a show about an ever-growing team of teen heroes, in a world full of other heroes and villains.

Anyone could show up on Young Justice. It featured Mal Duncan as the Guardian, and had a subplot revolving around Zatanna, Zatara, and Doctor Fate. You never knew who from the DC Universe was going to appear next, either as a member of the team, or as a guest for an episode or two. With the show coming back, we've decided to speculate on which characters might make their debut in Young Justice's third season. Here are some DC teens we want to see added to the mix.

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    In retrospect it seems weird that Supergirl was left out of the original run. But she's an even bigger star these days, and putting her in Season 3 would attract viewers of her live-action show. Plus, she's always a delight to have around.

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    Is the world ready for an openly gay teen superhero on a television cartoon? The success of Steven Universe points to yes. Bunker's never gotten the respect he deserves in comics. That's all the more reason to do something new with him.

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    The Gotham Academy Kids


    I'm not saying they should join the team, but an episode set at Gotham Academy that introduces these kids would be a ton of fun. And hey, maybe you could set them up for an animated spin-off! That could totally work too.

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    Cassandra Cain is a fascinating character, and totally unlike any other teen heroine. Her taciturn manner and her ability to take down literally anyone would make her a really interesting new member of the team.

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    All Those Other Bat-Kids


    Look, I give up. I could make a list twice this long with nobody on it but Bat-family supporting characters. Stephanie Brown, Harper Row, Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne... just do a story that introduces them all, and then promote whoever works best on screen a regular cast member.

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    I'm always going to vote for more goth kids. Raven's half-demonic nature gives her that extra helping of angst that teen drama is built on.

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    And if you're going to have Raven, you'd better balance her out with the sunniness of Starfire. I'm pretty sure they were both left out because of their association with Teen Titans, but Teen Titans Go is hardly satisfying anyone's need for heroic adventure, so I think they can be on both (after all, Robin and Beast Boy will be).

    You could bring on Cyborg too, although DC has made it pretty clear at this point that he's a Justice Leaguer now, so it's unlikely that he'd show up on the JV team.

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    New Wally West


    Season 2 ended with [spoilers] Wally West sacrificing his life to save the day, so what better time to bring in his alternate self from another dimension (or if you prefer, his cousin)? I think Bart Allen was meant to replace Wally as Kid Flash on the show, but if you want Young Justice to represent an updated DCU, this is the way to go.

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    Shade the Changing Girl


    Now if you really want this season to reflect the current DC, bring in somebody from Young Animal. I don't know that Shade could work as a team member, but bringing her in for one super-weird episode would be a lot of fun.

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    Yes, I know, Rocket was already on Young Justice. But that's just the thing — she was introduced, seemed really cool, and then never got to do anything. Bring back Rocket, and do more with her.

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