Common Foe trade coverPress Release

Desperado Publishing is thrilled to announce that it is offering the fifth and final issue of Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric Denton's Common Foe limited series for FREE download at the website.

"Lateness is, unfortunately, a common occurrence with many small press comics, and Common Foe has dealt with its scheduling difficulties," Desperado President Joe Pruett explains. "Because of the large gap in time between the previous chapter of Common Foe and this final installment, the creators and I thought we would give something back to the devoted fans who've waited patiently to read the conclusion. What better way to do that then to let them read it for free?"

"Common Foe was written as a graphic novel. After leaving Image we decided we wanted to start fresh with this project and publish it the way it was always meant to be read. But we didn't want to punish the fans who had already purchased the first four issues, so we came up with the idea of offering it online for free. They can read the conclusion without having to buy the trade to complete the story. If they want to buy the trade that's great! There's a lot of extra material and art that the true fan will enjoy, but if they just want to read the ending then we're giving them that opportunity without making them spend more money."

In the horror tradition of such classics as 30 Days of Night, Common Foe is set amid the disruptive chaos of the Battle of the Bulge. A besieged squad of American GI's and a platoon of German infantry do everything in their power to wipe each other out, but as darkness falls these two groups find they must united if they are to survive the night as they have now become the prey for an ancient evil and it will take everything they have to survive against the common foe.

The 168 page, full color Common Foe trade (Diamond Code AUG073545; ISBN 978-0-9795939-6-3) features an introduction by Steve Niles and collects all four published issues, the free fifth issue published at and numerous pinups by today's top industry talent. The Common Foe trade will be on sale late October from Desperado Publishing and will be available at all fine retail outlets.

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