The world of "Kick-Ass" looks a little bit more like our own, thanks to real life superheroes who have taken to the streets in cities from Cincinnati to Portland. Even if they encounter an occasional real life villain, they've made their communities more colorful by reaching out to the homeless and otherwise afflicted.

The Real Life Super Hero Project wanted to reward such do-gooders by immortalizing their bravery in a series of posters that would appear to be at home on the walls of your local cineplex. They're epic and glossy, even if most of them look more like ads for upcoming SyFy original movies than they do marketing materials for a blockbuster release.

Zetaman, Geist, NYX and Citizen Prime all have their own portraits, thanks to the time and effort of TRLSHP, and ComicsAlliance will now anxiously await the arrival of the first Hollywood press release announcing that at least one of them has signed over their life story to be adapted by a major studio.

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