If you're a comic book fan, chances are very high that you've dreamed of being a superhero at some point in your life. It's a wish that nearly got David Lizewski killed over the course of "Kick-Ass," but don't look at that horror story as your example - look at The Real Life Super Hero Project instead.

Initially conceived by photographer Peter Tangen as a way to visually document the actions of real life self-proclaimed superheroes, The Real Life Super Hero Project has since evolved into "a living, breathing community that inspires people to become the positive forces for change we all can be." In other words, we're not talking about guys who go out and bring their fists to bear on criminals everywhere - these superheroes are cleaning up the streets through charity work, community service and other similar acts of neighborly kindness.You can check out the project's official website for profiles on some of these heroes - such as Life, a bowler cap wearing defender of Manhattan's homeless population - and more information on how you can contribute to the growing network of real life superheroes.

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