Welcome to Recon:Vergence, a weekly look at what’s going on throughout DC’s new reality-smooshing event storyline, Convergence.

Every week until the end of the event, every comic DC publishes will be a part of this giant storyline – and it’s a little confusing, especially for new readers. To help out, we’re going to provide a timeline of events, let you know which Universes are still in the fight, and try and keep everything on track.

Joe Prado
Joe Prado

Main Event! Convergence #2

Not much really happens in this week’s issue of Convergence, although we do get to see Telos start to rig his game. Bored of seeing everybody stand around and gawp, he hurls the Brother Eye robot-cyborgs from Future’s End against the cast of Stan Lee’s Just Imagine Universe. Telos describes this as a “world born of a great creator whose time was short-lived but who moved on to serve his purpose on another planet”, which I imagine is a reference to Stripperella.

The Just Imagine characters, one of whom appears to be in a green onesie, get completely destroyed in a surprisingly bloodless massacre. The surviving cast of Earth 2 fight against Telos for a while, but he eventually gets bored and whiffs off to watch more cities fight each other. Oh, and this random Stephen Strange cosplayer called ‘Deimos’ shows up at the end. He has demon skulls as kneepads.




Convergence Group B

Every Convergence tie-in issue of the week is part of the same overall narrative, so you only get the whole story if you know what happened in every single issue last Wednesday. Group B sees four worlds go up against one another for the right to move into the next round:

Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis: During the time just before the Zero Hour event, many of DC’s most famous characters were gone. Superman was dead, Batman had been broken by Bane, Hal Jordan had become Parallax, and Aquaman… got his hand eaten off by piranhas. New heroes like Steel, Kyle Rayner and Azrael came in to take their place.

San Diego, California: Home to Wildstorm. A shared-universe publisher created by Jim Lee, this universe includes characters and series like Grifter, Voodoo, The Authority and Gen13. Originally a founding part of Image, Lee sold it off to DC around the time he moved to the company, establishing it as one of their ‘52’ worlds.

Electropolis: A world seen during Crisis on Infinite Earths, ruled by Lady Quark and Lord Volt. It was destroyed during that event, although the Lady escaped and played a role in saving the day.

The Metropolis of Kingdom Come: A four-issue miniseries from Mark Waid and Alex Ross, this Elseworlds storyline saw older versions of the current Justice League attempting to deal with the rise of vigilantes who were inspired by the heroes of old.

Alex Ross
Alex Ross

Opening Round:

The main collision this week is between the heavyweights of the Pre-Zero Hour Universe and the veterans of Kingdom Come, with half of the tie-in books relating to the two teams. Justice League sees the central fight, as captain Blue Beetle will be setting his side up against most of the Kingdom Come Squad next month - he's got Wonder Woman, Shazam and the strangest-looking Huntress ever seen to compete with, and a no-show from Booster Gold means that bookies are already placing odds-against for the match.

The remaining Kingdom Come players have all split up to cause trouble, as they seem positioned as villains on a scale not seen since Everton sold Wayne Rooney. Batman headed straight for Catwoman, whilst the Hawkes have come up against Kingdom Come's Dinah Lance and Olivia. Superboy had a good early showing as he defeated both Robin and Flash, but will next be facing Kingdom Come's team captain, Superman.

The positive for the team is that manager Amanda Waller has come up with an impressive subs bench, who will be heading to Oa to try and take out Green Lantern, although we have to wonder if these untested and rebellious squad members might not prove a mistake --- especially considering Waller gets herself murdered in the opening flashforward sequence. More discipline is clearly needed on the training ground.


Supergirl was voted Man of Match, drawn here by Howard Porter
Supergirl was voted Man of Match, drawn here by Howard Porter


Things are looking far worse for Electropolis, whose players can't get along with one another. Supergirl has already defeated their two strongest players without breaking a sweat --- although she has broken her secret weapon --- making it no surprise that she was voted Man of the Match afterwards. An unexpected appearance from Parallax, dead-set on destroying the city entirely, may well send Electropolis into the relegation zone unless their Princess can rally back.

The clear favorite of Group B is the Wildstorm Universe, who take an early lead in the standings after setting up long-term tactics against Aquaman, Batman, and Azrael. Their Gen 13 youth team are looking especially strong right now, especially after taking out Steel through some nifty teamwork. Things are looking very good for this team, even if half their players won't stop frowning.

So after this week's matches, let's take a look at the standings in the Convergence League Table!


Week Two Standings:

1: Wildstorm
2: Earth 2
3: Future’s End
4: Flashpoint
5: Follywood
6: Angor (eliminations: Barracuda)
7: Kingdom Come (eliminations: Flash, Robin)
8: Electropolis (eliminations: Lady Quark, Lord Volt)
9: Pre Zero Hour Metropolis (eliminations: Amanda Waller, Steel)
10: Pre 52 Gotham (eliminations: Donna Troy and Starfire)





11: Stan Lee’s Just Imagine
12: El Inferno
13: Injustice: Gods Among Us


Wildstorm take to the top of the league table after an impressive showing that saw them eliminate Steel. It was also a good week for Earth Two, who rose in the rankings on goal difference after picking up a Deimos. Kingdom Come made a solid entry into the midcard, but Electropolis seem to be down two of their three key players ahead of their next match, as Supergirl made a huge contribution to her team despite her creepy ginger manager causing problems from the bench.

Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis is in trouble after losing Amanda Waller and Steel (as well as a goldfish stomped on by Deathblow) but have just acquired Lex Luthor through the transfer window, which gives them a stronger goal difference than Pre-52 Gotham.

All is still to play for next month as these matches continue! But Stan Lee’s Just Imagine Universe will have to sit this one out, having been erased from existence after coming up against some overwhelming robots.

Next week: Crisis On Infinite Earths Vs Kamandi Vs The Tangent Universe Vs The Detroit Justice League!

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