On sale now is issue #2 of The Red Wing, the four-part Image Comics epic by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra. A comic we were initially excited about more-or-less sight-unseen, Red Wing's first issue delivered in introducing us to a wholly realized reality where time travel is not only possible, but also a theatre of war itself. The second issue expands upon the brave young temporal fighters of The Red Wing, and reminds readers that in a war of time, nothing is ever truly certain nor over.Valin and Dominic are two "legacies" - sons of the original Red Wing -- whose parents sacrificed their lives in the harrowing time travel war in which Hickman's story is set. In The Red Wing #1, we observe the two young men debate the nature of their fathers' fates as they prepare to follow in their footsteps. In a parallel storyline, we saw Dominic's father crash his temporal fighter in the distant past. Both storylines pick up in issue #2, which is again illustrated with that distinctive European influence by Nick Pitarra and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg.

The Red Wing #2 is on sale now in finer comics shops.

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