Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you that the biggest complaint I have about modern life is that there simply aren't enough electronic simulations of life as a raccoon. I mean, sure, we've got Sly Cooper, but raccoonery has far too much depth for one franchise to cover alone. Fortunately, there is now a remedy: D3Publisher is developing a Regular Show video game.

D3, the publisher that also brought us last year's Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage??! is slated to have the game released later this year.While details about the game itself are pretty scarce at this point, the release date information was confirmed over twitter by Regular Show creator (and the voice of Mordecai and High Five Ghost) JG Quintel:

Given the content of the show and Boom! Studios' soon-to-debut comic by KC Green and Allison Strejlau, though, in which the trials of life as a 20-something slacker (and, you know, a bird and a raccoon) are often blown up to magical realism proportions, the game could go in a lot of different directions -- especially when you consider that Mordecai and Rigby's goal is often to get out of work and play video games themselves. As a fan of the show, though, I'm just hoping that the game will be playable with the Maximum Glove.

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