If you're anything like us, you've been gnawing your elbows off in frustration over not being able to find that perfect piece of wall art to tie your living room together. Your favorite Alex Ross poster is too nerdy, but the abstract piece you bought at the coffee shop/art gallery to impress the cute clerk who works there is just too stupid. If only there were a classy hybrid of geek and chic! Oh, wait, there is!

Available now at Art.com are a great number of beautiful murals that recreate some particularly cool moments from classic Marvel Comics of the 1960s, with a little bit of treatment to give them an even deeper retro feel. Ranging in sizes like 48"x72" and 96"x96" and featuring characters like Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Thor, Spider-Man and more, these elegant recreations are made with high quality photograph paper and are priced between $125-$279. If the walls of the ComicsAlliance offices weren't already covered by stacks of solid gold, we'd definitely buy the lot.

Also available at Art.com are a number of other Marvel pieces using more modern artwork, but we've put together a little gallery of the awesome retro stuff below.