Kaiyodo's line of super-articulated action figures lends itself well to any number of properties, but its latest Batman in the form of Christian Bale's "Dark Knight" (a.k.a. Sci-Fi Revoltech #008) persona seems especially ripe for the accessory-laden line.

In addition to his removable cape and cowl (through the use of an extra, unmasked head), the miniature Caped Crusader comes armed with his zip gun grappling hook, batarang and multiple hands. There's also a special stand to help fans get Bats' intimidating poses just right.

One thing the toy is missing is an authentic Bale voicebox, but at Revoltech's roughly 3.74" scale a few sacrifices likely had to be made. Plus, who doesn't like to do their own Bale impersonations? With a head sculpt this accurate buyers probably won't be at a loss for inspiration.

Now if only Kaiyodo will release a Heath Ledger Joker...