Last month it was announced that fifteen year old genius Riri Williams would be taking over the lead role in Brian Michael Bendis and Stefano Caselli's upcoming relaunch of Invincible Iron Man. There has been much speculation surrounding what her codename might be, and Marvel announced today that the new hero will operate under the alias "Ironheart".

As revealed via Wired, Riri will adopt the codename as she takes center stage in what was once Tony Stark's flagship title. In talking to Wired, Bendis credits Marvel's chief creative officer and former editor in chief Joe Quesada with coming up with the name Ironheart, as they were trying to avoid the obvious "Iron Woman" and "Iron Maiden" designations. Bendis also noted there will be a story reason for the name, and acknowledges that it links back to Tony Stark's own origin, as the original Iron Man armor was designed to save his damaged heart.

As for Tony Starks' whereabouts in the new status quo, Marvel is still being coy about that, but has confirmed that, just as Tony has had PEPPER and FRIDAY as AI companions inside the suite, Riri's AI will be based on Tony Stark himself, there to give her advice and guidance as she sets out as a solo hero.

While nothing is confirmed, signs point to Tony Stark not making it out of Civil War II in one piece, but fans can rest assured that the character will live on in some form, even if he perishes in the event.

Invincible Iron Man #1 is set for release in November.


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