Despite having a solid twenty years of Cable comics to draw inspiration from, military science has yet to create a rifle with the diameter of a good-sized oak tree that can still be carried around by one person, but as we learned this morning, the people at have done the next best thing.

They have replaced the bayonet with a device that allows you mount a gun... on the front of another gun.

According to the site, the Mako UTA Glock to Picatinny Rail Attachment is designed to create "a unified, tactically enhanced, dual weapon system," and the fact that it is not called the DOUBLE KILLPOWER 9000 bespeaks a level of self-control possessed by its designers that I am almost completely unfamiliar with. In either case, it's a work that is purely brilliant in its simplicity, as they have literally made a gun with another gun on it.

Ostensibly, the attachment is designed to provide soldiers and law enforcement personnel with tactical diversity that would allow them to immediately switch, for instance, between a pistol with a silencer to a larger weapon, or to have a backup handy in case of a jam. Really, though, there's no other way for this thing to have been invented other than for someone to have said "You know, I really like shooting this machine gun, but I really wish I could be shooting another gun at the same time," and we respect anyone who can make such a metal dream a reality.

Plus, it has the added benefit of finally living up to Cable's infamously bizarre weaponry..

...although Dan Fraga's Black Flag is still a ways off.

(via Josh Krach)

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