He may have seemingly burned bridges at both Marvel and DC in recent years, but there's no reason to feel sorry for Rob Liefeld just yet. Not only are his creator-owned titles undergoing new critical appraisal thanks to last year's Image relaunch, but now he has a new project in development for the big screen. Is the world really ready for a Godyssey movie?

Variety reported earlier this week that producers Todd Garner and Brooklyn Weaver have signed up the movie rights to Liefeld's 1996 one-shot (Originally a spin-off from Liefeld's Avengelyene and Glory titles), with plans to develop the idea into a fully-fledged stand-alone movie. Both producers already had relationships with the comic book creator thanks to other projects; Garner had tried to buy Liefeld's 2003 sci-fi comedy pitch Planet Terry (Unrelated to the Marvel comic of the same name), while Weaver is currently attached to the in-development movie incarnation of the creator's Bloodstrike character.

If you're despairing about what this means for the future of modern culture, it's worth remembering that deals like this don't necessarily translate into finished movies (For instance, it's nine years later and we still haven't seen that Planet Terry movie yet). For those who remember Godyssey and also value cinema as a medium, this is a fact to desperately cling to; for everyone else, here's a taste of what you missed:

Yes, that really is Jesus fighting Zeus. The reason why? Oh, only that Zeus couldn't accept that humanity had "outgrown" him when they came to accept Jehovah as their one true God, and so he had decided to seek revenge against Jehovah and all those who stood with him. Obviously, Jesus being Jesus, the only way to deal with the situation was a fight. After all, we all saw where that whole "turn the other cheek" thing got him...

I hope you can all understand why the concept of a Godyssey movie seems somewhat terrifying now.

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