We've had movies about the behind the scenes drama involved in launching social media companies and building baseball teams, so why not one about the real-life tale of seven friends going it alone and launching their own comic book company? At least, that's what Image founder Rob Liefeld believes - and he's even gone so far as to write his own screenplay to prove it.News of Liefeld's screenplay - apparently entitled Icons even though he later tweeted "Technically, the script is called iCON. Small "i" dubble [sic] meaning" - appeared online yesterday when the website Dream Movie Cast not only debuted Liefeld's dream casting for the film (He wants to be played by Star Trek's Chris Pine, and thinks that Christian Bale would make a great Todd McFarlane), but also shared pages from the screenplay itself. Three excerpts were shared, featuring key scenes in the movie - Liefeld's first meeting with Todd McFarlane, a meeting with then-Marvel president Terry Stewart where the creators leave the publisher and, somewhat more surprising, a meeting between Liefeld and Eazy-E (or "Easy-E" in the screenplay) where the NWA rapper tells him "I want's to work with you bro. Make cool comics and have a signing like this one? We can make that happen?"

For all the snark potential inherent in this story - It's Rob Liefeld writing a screenplay about he and his friends changed comics, after all - the excerpted pages are actually not that bad; I have no idea about the verisimilitude of the scenes, and whether or not Todd McFarlane really is as much of an overbearing jerk as he comes off in there, but they definitely make for an entertaining read. Considering Liefeld's increasing status as a forward-thinking comic book impresario and movie concept generator, is it really that impossible that we could one day be watching Icons in the movie theater? Please, someone, make this happen...!

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