The story of how we at ComicsAlliance came to know of the dark, mystifying worlds within Rob Sheridan's artwork is strange and serendipitous. It's also not nearly as cool as the art itself, which looks like Tim Burton and Mark Ryden came to share an odd nephew.

Over on his sketch blog, Sheridan lets it all hang out with some gory alien scenes, a sofa full of bored cereal mascots and a portrait of Mario that's positively mind-bending.
Oh yeah, and if you think his sensibilities look familiar, he's got a professional portfolio full of images that you should immediately recognize as a a Nine Inch Nails or Social Network fan. Most of his stuff is available in big, shiny wallpaper formats for your desktop, too, so if burned-out cereal mascots congregating over brewskies is the kind of thing you'd like display on your monitory, waste no more time and start having a look.