As is their wont, our friends at GammaSquad have discovered something that we just had to share with you as well: adorable hand-written letters from Damian Wayne to Dick Grayson. The latter will no longer be Batman to the violently precocious young Robin come the DC Comics relaunch in September, when Grayson returns to his solo career as Nightwing. Given the pair's contentious relationship, Damian's letters are at first quite rude but as time goes on, the Boy Wonder finds he actually misses his former mentor. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, Damian became Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman following Wayne's apparent death. Grayson, the original Boy Wonder, struggled to tame the ferociousness of his adopted little brother, but a strong bond was eventually formed between the two and their readers as well. Many fans have expressed dismay that Dick and Damian will be separated in September, when Grayson will return to his Nightwing persona and leave Damian in the care of his father, the original Batman.

This most creative and indeed touching of fanfiction was created by the blogger known as Fwips (whose talents also include very NSFW drawings of some of superhero comics' most recognizable characters), whose work here certainly reflects the feelings of many Batman and Robin fans. Also, it has a cute kitten.

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