It looks like even though he lives as an irreverent ruler of pop culture parody on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, former "Toyfare" scribe and current "Robot Chicken" and "Titan Maximum" writer/producer/director/voice actor/everythingever Tom Root has a passport to Riverdale and he's not afraid to use it.

According to Bleeding Cool, Root is set to make his Archie Comics debut in "Jughead" #200 this March.

The story sounds right up Root's alley, with Jughead trading a witch his metabolism (which keeps him lean and diabetes free despite his constant junk food gorging) for, well, a cheeseburger. Naturally, that spells disaster for Jughead and its up to his pal Archie Andrews to bail him out. Archie trades his pure heart to restore Jughead to his proper state, which opens the flood gates for Riverdale residents seeking barter bargains at the cost of their more ephemeral qualities.

No word on who'll illustrate the issue yet, although I'm torn between wanting a traditional Archie illustration style and a special outsider perspective to mix things up. Either way, March should be pretty fun.

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