One of our favorite Brazil-based creators we've discovered over the last few weeks is a fellow by the name of Rodrigo. He specializes in big hairdos and bright, wallpaper-ish patterns on jungle animals, but he's also cranked out a killer Project Rooftop-appropriate Spider-costume redesign, which was intended for Peter Parker's hypothetical grandson Philip.Spend a few clicks in Rodrigo's deviantART gallery, and you'll find Philip alongside some digital Superman, Wonder Woman and Lion-O pieces. His Wonder Woman pieces are particularly elegant, offering generous hair-to-body-mass ratios and some incredibly clean digital illustration work.

Also, he should definitely do an entire Little Red Riding Hood comic, because his concept for the little lady is as ready as anything we've ever seen for a modernized all-ages redux. She looks like she could whip out a bo staff at any moment and go to town on any pesky wolves that happen to give her grief.

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