I don't know if anyone has ever made one million dollars from t-shirts, but if I had to make a guess on who would be the first, I'd pick Rocky Davies -- and I don't even know if he has t-shirts yet. What he does have, however, is a series of amazing art pieces that take your favorite villains and give them an '80s laser portrait makeover, along with appropriate song lyrics, yearbook-quote style.

I'll admit that my time on the Internet has burned me out pretty hard on mashup art, but that is more than balanced by my pure, unironic love of laser-grid backgrounds, pastel gradients, and seeing Dr. Doom rock a pair of pearlescent pink shades. Check out the series from Davies below, featuring the Joker, the Baroness, the Predator, and more!










For more, check out Davies' DeviantArt gallery, and seriously: Let's get that Dr. Doom on a t-shirt right now if not sooner.