Lego has historically embraced the comic book medium given how nicely it plays with their signature building set instruction booklets. The thing is, usually Lego's magazine and pack-in comics and posters -- like their video games, movies and other multimedia brand extensions -- stick with an official style that essentially brings the toymaker's minifigures to life rather than, say, reimagine building block worlds as something we roundlings might see in the real world. Leave it to brothers Marcin and Przemek Surma of Poland to spice things up with stylish illustrations that allow the blocky denizens of Lego's various space themed lines (and a few others) from the 1980s and '90s to cut loose in a realm where everyone can bend their elbows all the way and don't have massive dimples in their butts and legs. If only they had time to illustrate full comics along the lines of the Papercutz Ninjago books.

The brothers pay special attention to the ladies of Lego, who were often (and sometimes still are) outnumbered by blocky bro minifigs by an unhealthy ratio in sets. All in all, it may be the coolest reinterpretation of Blacktron, M:Tron, Ice Planet 2002, Space Police, Spyrius, Futuron, Explorien and every other awesome line you might've begged your parents to buy you as a kid... or, even as an adult (I mean, have you SEEN how dope the Galaxy Squad line looks?).

You can see a selection of the clearly numbered Lego sets as stylized by the Surma brothers below.

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