The weird thing about Batman movies is that no matter how devoutly grim and serious they may be, they're also always accompanied by a toy line that takes some pretty weird liberties with the source material. Even if the movie only features the grumpiest possible Batman in the darkest possible suit, you're bound to get something where he's got a jetpack and a jungle camo costume. Which, incidentally, is something that would improve most, if not all, Batman movies.

When you have a movie that's based on a toy line that is in turn based on Batman, however, things are a little different, and with The Lego Batman Movie, being the only film that dares to show the Bat-Zeppelin, we're bound to get some pretty screen-accurate toys. And now that we've seen the latest trailer, we can take a look at two new sets!

First up is the Scuttler, which clocks in at $79.99 and comes complete with minifigs for Batman, the Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Jim Gordon, Commissioner Barbara Gordon, and Robin. As one of the bigger sets of the line, it's got a net launcher and plenty of moving parts.

For those of us without Wayne-level budgets, though, there's another set that's been revealed today:




The Joker Balloon Escape set will retail for $14.99, including Batman, the Joker, a balloon-enhanced jetpack, and a large and somewhat complicated explosive. Please keep in mind that both of these sets feature jetpacks, which from what we've seen in the movie is a pretty accurate portrayal of the action we can expect on screen.

The Lego Batman Movie sets are set to be released in January of 2017.

[via USA Today]


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