In terms of toys-to-life games, Lego Dimensions might have the best value for money because not only can it keep reaching out to new franchises for that sweet extra content, but you can physically play with the toy and build your game-piece before you sit down with the video game. Next month, the game gets its next big update just in time for the release of The Lego Batman Movie --- plus Michael Knight and KITT join the fray too.

The update consists of three new packs: the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, the Lego Batman Movie Fun Pack, and the Knight Rider Fun Pack, which each come with a host of goodies both digitally and physically. The story pack for the film comes with minifigs for Batgirl and Robin, the Bat-Computer as a Lego Gateway, plus a rebuildable vehicle that can be modified as the Batwing, The Black Thunder and Bat-Tank. Within the game, the pack unlocks a whole new story mode where players can play as Batman, Robin and Batgirl, each of whom has unique abilities to help save the day.

The two Fun Packs feature Excalibur Lego Batman and his Bionic Steed, and Michael Knight and KITT respectively, and both modes of transport are also 3-in-1 rebuildables. Each pack gives players access to that franchise's Adventure World and Battle Arena. Excalibur Lego Batman launches early via Target before going nationwide on March 28th, while Knight Rider starts at GameSpot early before following suit.

Check out a gallery of screenshots from the update:



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