Knight Rider

'Lego Batman Movie' & 'Knight Rider' Head To Lego Dimensions
In terms of toys-to-life games, Lego Dimensions might have the best value for money because not only can it keep reaching out to new franchises for that sweet extra content, but you can physically play with the toy and build your game-piece before you sit down with the video game. Next month, the ga…
'Lego Batman' And 'Knight Rider' Coming To 'Lego Dimensions'
Lego Dimensions, the toys-to-life game that has brought together franchises such as The A-Team, Harry Potter and Portal, is expanding even more next year as it welcomes two new franchises into the fold.

One of them isn't too surprising, as the game will getting a major update based around the …
Check Out Pages from Lion Forge's 'Knight Rider' Comic
When Geoffrey Thorne, Shannon Eric Denton, Jason Johnson, and Brian Denham got the job of bringing Knight Rider to the page for publisher Lion Forge, the bar for weirdness was set pretty high, and next week, when the paperback collection of the series hits shelves, we all get to see how they did.