The whimsical Australian designer duo, Romance Was Born, kicked off Australian Fashion Week with a super-heroic collection for Spring/Summer 2013, sponsored by no other than Marvel Comics. With a collection that includes a tangible incarnation of Jack Kirby's famous Kirby Krackle (comprised of textured beads and baubles) floating on a cosmic purple and charcoal ensemble, the Romance Was Born x Marvel Comics collaboration is truly a walking work of art. Check out the entire line after the jump!

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Straying away from the blatant iconography and overuse of superhero emblems, Romance Was Born raised the bar for the fusion of fashion and comics, utilizing a mix of both comic and couture techniques to create high fashion looks inspired by Jack Kirby and the creators of Marvel Comics. These 25 looks feature anatomical trompe-l'œil prints, textured embellishments, halftone patterns, and colorful motifs of Marvel's finest making cameo appearances throughout the collection.

Although the fashion may be a bit audacious for everyday wear, these looks provide a great style guide in how to add a touch of comic-inspired glamor into your wardrobe, from jewel-toned color coordination to structured silhouettes to bold prints.

You can see all 25 looks in detailed photographs over at Fashionising.