One of the things I've never been able to understand about comics is why Blade has never been able to hold down an ongoing series. I mean, he the character who provided Marvel with its first-ever big-screen success, but he's a badass who chops up draculas with katanas, and really, that should be the easiest formula to sell to anyone. And yet, it hasn't happened, despite multiple attempts since the first Blade movie became a hit in 1998.

Maybe it's because they haven't given Ron Wimberly a shot yet.

Wimberly, who you may already know from his work on Prince Of Cats, mentioned his redesigns for both Blade and Cloak & Dagger in a recent interview, and his take on the Daywalker is awesome, giving him a new distinct style and outfitting him with a magic wooden bokken that Wimberly refers to as "Blade's Mjolnir."

If it were up to me, I'd greenlight this project based entirely on Wimberly's description of Miki, Blade's magic, vampire-demolishing wooden sword, and how it glows "whenever sh*t gets real." Like, at this point, I have no problem imagining that as the title of the first paperback collection.

Wimberly also posted his designs for Cloak and Dagger, and while it seems pretty likely that he did these just for fun, he definitely ended up with one of the coolest logos I've ever seen for that particular pairing:


Blade by Ron Wimberly



Art by Ron Wimberly


[via Robot 6]

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