If you could use some soft, imaginatively cosmic artwork to end your week with, try out a few pieces by Ruaraidh Bruce. His crisp shapes and exploratory compositions echo Tara McPherson's work with a slight crackle of Jack Kirby-ish energy. Then there's his rich, understated Silver Surfer painting, where you can barely see Norrin Radd in at all.The best part of Bruce's art, which you can peruse on his Ruriblog, is the variety of subjects he tackles. From a Viking janitor to flowery skulls and a Moebius riff, the guy clearly has an active interest in trying new things. Of course, his cosmic based Muppets design he submitted to Threadless means he respects the classics.

He's at his best when he's mapping out full backgrounds and layouts, though. Those talents are on display in several items, whether it's the runic projects coming out of a guy's head or a flaming angel's sword. Scope out a few examples that stood out to us below, and let us know if you dig him.