This week, conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh joined the ranks of cultural luminaries like Stephenie Meyer and Lady Gaga with the release of his own comic book biography from our old friends at Bluewater:

The book even got mentioned on Limbaugh's radio show, although as reported by Rich Johnston, the comics industry's own Rush Limbaugh, it was mostly so that he could talk about how he had no idea Iron Man and the X-Men movies were based on comics and to correct them on a major inaccuracy: They got the name of his cat wrong.

What's interesting -- aside from the fact that Bluewater's usual tactic of taking a quick look through Wikipedia and then expanding it out to 28 pages has finally failed them -- is that that's the only inaccuracy in the book that got pointed out. Which means that it's up to us here at ComicsAlliance to issue our own set of corrections for the other factual inaccuracies in "Political Power: Rush Limbaugh."

  • According to his official biography, Limbaugh was born in Missouri, not, as the comic states "in the marshes and swamps near Waterdeep, where he and his fish-man (or 'Sahuagin') allies (3 HD each) prey on Faerûn's many merchant caravans."
  • Limbaugh dropped out of college voluntarily, he was not expelled by Dean Wormer for violating Double Secret Probation.
  • "The Rush Limbaugh Show" is broadcast from Palm Beach, Florida, not an offshore volcano shaped like Limbaugh's own head.
  • Limbaugh does not "subsist entirely on Oxycontin and children's tears." Cigar smoke is reportedly also involved.
  • Limbaugh did not record the multi-platinum selling hits "Fly By Night" and "Tom Sawyer."
  • Limbaugh's counterpart on Earth-C, the alternate universe of cartoon funny animals, is not a rat named "Rush Limburger"; it's actually a small bird named "Thrush Limbaugh."
  • Limbaugh does not lose his powers in the purifying light of the sun. He is what is known as a "Daywalker."
  • While he does have a sibling, Slow Down Limbaugh, who is his opposite in every way, characterizing Rush as the "evil" twin is really more a matter of opinion.
  • There is no hard evidence that Rush Limbaugh has ever worked as an associate of the arch-criminal known as the Joker. Any shows where he may have urged listeners to call in and vote for Jason Todd's death were lost during the 1998 Gotham City earthquake.
  • Limbaugh was a judge at the 2010 Miss America pageant, not a contestant.

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