Writer Brian Wood has to be one of the luckiest writers in comics, having had the opportunity to to work with illustrator extraordinaire Ryan Kelly on Local, Northlanders and DMZ. Kelly's an in-demand artist, whether you need someone to draw some drama into a story or light up a magazine article in Wired or Spin.What you may not have seen from Kelly, however, are his sketches and free-time work that he posts to his Funrama blog. If you have ever wondered what a Ryan Kelly Batman or Green Lantern book would look like, this is the place to go and experience the possibilities.

From Gambit and Rogue getting flirty in the grass to the Caped Crusader getting all grim and angry on top of some crates, he definitely delivers on the fun. Some of his best work comes in the form of non-comics subjects, though. In fact, if Snoop needs a new comic book made with his likeness in the near future, he should give Kelly a call.

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