With most of its major hits and standout series having run their course months or years ago, Vertigo has been due for a renaissance for a while now. Judging from the announcements made at San Diego Comic Con late on Thursday, the publisher may be rallying, with 12 new series set to launch in the closing months of 2015 at a rate of one new issue #1 every week.

Those 12 titles include a couple of previously announced books that have been rescheduled, but enough new announcements to suggest that Vertigo means to impress with its ambition. Sci fi and the supernatural are inevitably well represented, and the roster includes veteran talents, emerging names, and a few cross-disiplinary transfers in the form of novelists Lauren Beukes and Holly Black — the latter on a relaunch of Lucifer — and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.


    Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke

    Written by Hernandez, illustrated by Cooke, the mini series is a supernatural horror story centered on a flawed and volatile young woman named Tito.
    Debuting in October.


    Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, Ryan Kelly

    Playing on the tropes of 80s horror movies, the series takes six survivors of different terrifying experiences — a killer doll, a slasher, a haunted house, a Japanese horror tale, an encounter with creepy neighbors, and a trip through an arcade machine into hell — and brings them together as a club of 'chosen ones'.
    Debuting in October.


    Gail Simone, Jon Davis-Hunt

    Previously announced in October 2014 (and originally scheduled for spring 2015), this mind-bending series tells of a journalist's investigations into a guru who claims to be able to heal deep-seated psychological problems thanks to her mysterious hermetically sealed 'clean room'.
    Ongoing series debuting in October.

  • ART OPS #1

    Shaun Simon, Michael Allred

    Following the adventures of a special ops team that tracks and retrieves escapees from works of art, starting with the Mona Lisa.
    Debuting in October.


    Rob Williams, Mike Dowling

    No information available, but based on the cover alone, we wouldn't be surprised if it's some sort of social media serial killer thriller.
    Debuting in November

  • SLASH & BURN #1

    Si Spencer, Max Dunbar, Ande Parks

    Rosheen Hayes is a former pyromaniac turned firefighter who investigates a series of fires that remind her of her own past crimes.
    Debuting in November.

  • RED THORN #1

    David Baillie, Meghan Hetrick

    A dark fantasy story rooted in the mythology and history of Glasgow.
    Ongoing series debuting in November.

  • JACKED #1

    Eric Kripke, John Higgins

    Previously announced as Amped, and already planned as a USA Network TV series, Jacked is the story of a neurotic family man who gains super-strength when he takes a 'smart pill' he bought online. He finds that the highs of being a hero are tempered by serious lows.
    Six issues debuting in November.


    Tom King, Mitch Gerads

    A murder mystery crime procedural about a former Florida police officer who joined the army after 9/11 and now trains Iraqi police officers in Baghdad.
    Eight issues debuting in December.


    Peter Milligan, Brett Parson

    Lexy, a coder for a dating app, inadvertently brings her dream man to life, and he just happens to be Lord Byron. A high concept that sounds like a cross between Weird Science and Her.
    12 issues debuting in December.

  • LUCIFER #1

    Holly Black, Lee Garbett

    God is dead, and Lucifer stands accused of his murder by the archangel Gabriel. A classic "find the real killer and clear your name" story, except, you know, God is dead. Vertigo doesn't typically revive old brands with new creative teams, but with the Lucifer TV show debuting this fall, this departure from convention makes a lot of sense.
    Ongoing series debuting in December.


    Simon Oliver, Rufus Dayglo

    A punk gangster in 1970s London leads a heist to steal the crown.
    Seven issues debuting in December.

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