You know Ryan Kelly for his excellent work on such comics as Local and The New York Five (both with Brian Wood) and Saucer Country and Lucifer (both with Mike Carey), but what you probably don't know is that Kelly's favorite work of his own is a crazy little black and white comic which the cartoonist self-publishes in print runs as small as just 400 copies. It's called Funrama, and there are two issues out so far. The first issue, introducing the Mutant Punks -- a Claremont-inspired band of ultra-violent superpowered misanthropes -- is sold out and now available as a pay-what-you-choose (including the choice of "Free") from his website. As Kelly told Robot 6's Chris Arrant last month, Funrama is a Fourth-World-like mega-saga he devised as a child and plans to work on in some form or another for the rest of his life. The storyline is building toward the coming together of a diverse group of heroes who must defend a magical island (a story envisioned long before Lost hit the air, by the way) and begins with the introduction of not those heroes but some of the presumed baddies. The Mutant Punks, as they say, DGAF. Check it out:

It's impossible to summarize what the Mutant Punks ultimately accomplish in Funrama #1 without spoiling it, but it is definitely very funny and horrible. More sympathetically, they run amuck at the Mall of America. On sale now as a $4.00 print comic or $2.00 PDF is Funrama #2, introducing Raccoon, one of a group of teenage superheroine who will have a major part to play as the series goes forward. The issue is markedly different in tone from the more anarchic opener, and Kelly promises to make every installment of Funrama similarly challenging for himself and rewarding for his readers. Here's the cover and a preview page, followed by a promo piece for Funrama #4.

Click here to get Funrama #1 for free (or for whatever amount you wish to pay) and purchase issue #2.

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