Check out these videos of the astonishing work of Bashir Sultani, who creates impeccable likenesses of characters from cinema, animation and games using nothing but a piece of paper and a shaker of salt. Among the awesome creations you can see below are The Joker, Angry Birds, Super Mario Bros, Transformers, the Legend of Zelda, Pikachu, Darth Vader and even Nayan Cat.For more salt art by Bashir Sultani, check out his blog and YouTube channel, where you'll find portraits from beyond the geekosphere like Che Guevara, Morgan Freeman, Al Pacinio and Kurt Cobain. Make sure to "Favorite" his videos because you know they are truly your favorites.

The Joker
Nyan Cat


Darth Vader

Angry Birds

Super Mario Bros.


The Legend of Zelda

[Via reader Ira Donewitz]