Sam Filstrup is a concept artist for the animation studio Ghostbot, so it's no surprise that his work has an animation sensibility. His illustrations of video game characters, Captain America and even Conan O'Brien look ready to spring to life on screen, and his series featuring samurai and dragons is begging to be made into a feature-length film.

Many of Filstrup's images more closely resemble color scripts than traditional illustration, but he shows how versatile those naked colors can be even without the benefit of lines. His Captain America poster appropriately evokes propaganda art, while his samurai illustrations look like the beginnings of a brilliant Flash animation cartoon. But he has a knack for the Saturday Morning style as well. That Portal 2 image would do well over sugared cereal, and his dark-suited robot and ape with an underbite look ready to solve some crimes.

You can see more of Filstrup's illustrations, as well as his character concept designs at his portfolio site.