We do a lot of reading between the lines when it comes to the divide between Marvel’s cinematic and TV branches, but rarely does an actor out-and-out wish death to a character on either side. Yes, Nick Fury may quietly arrange for S.H.I.E.L.D. to take out Foggy Nelson, as Samuel L. Jackson voices his disdain for the Daredevil character.

Weeks after its release, Daredevil Season 2 apparently made it onto Jackson’s binge list, but don’t expect Nick Fury to be popping up at Nelson and Murdock (or rather, Foggy’s new accommodations) anytime soon, as Jackson tweeted:

That’s … a specific mode of death for a solitary character, and it’s unclear what about Elden Henson’s performance in the role rubbed Jackson the wrong way, but the Avengers star wouldn’t be the first to voice some irritation with the comic relief voice of reason in Daredevil’s practice.

Henson, sport that he is, has yet to issue any kind of response to Jackson’s macabre tweet, but it looks like the divide between Marvel TV and movies isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Who weeps for poor Foggy?


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