Samurai Heaven and Earth Volume II coverPress Release

Acclaimed creators Ron Marz and Luke Ross reunite for the next volume of their historical epic:
Samurai Heaven and Earth Volume II.

The samurai Shiro followed his kidnapped love, Lady Yoshiko, across eighteenth-century Europe and Asia, only to have her slip through his fingers in the fabulous halls of Versailles, where she was stolen away by a villainous Spanish nobleman. Now Shiro's steadfast pursuit leads him across the Mediterranean, to the sands of fabled Egypt, where Yoshiko has been made a prized trophy in a desert warlord's harem. With the glorious ruins of ancient Egypt as a backdrop, Shiro will make a final stand, and be reunited with Yoshiko no matter the cost . . .

"I think Luke and I were initially excited about taking the story into the desert because of the visual possibilities. A samurai among the Egyptian ruins is really a striking image," Marz said "but as we got into it, the setting provided just a wealth of great story material. The story took us where it wanted to go, and Luke and I just held on for the ride."

Samurai Heaven and Earth Volume II is now collected in a trade paperback, available through Dark Horse on October 10, 2007 at a retail price of $14.95.

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