If you're planning to go to each day of San Diego Comic-Con International this year, get ready to register for five different passes instead of one, catch-all badge for the entire show.

Comic-Con International's organizers have announced its registration and pricing structure for this year's convention in San Diego, and it's a real head-scratcher. Full weekend passes aren't part of the deal. Only single-day passes are available, and entrance to the customary Wednesday preview night requires registrants to buy passes for all four other days.

Prices have gone up, too. An adult pass to the convention for Thursday through Saturday will now be $45, up $3 from last year's $42 price point. A Sunday pass will set you back $30, up $6 from last year.

Comic-Con organizers haven't given a reason for the decision not to sell full weekend passes, but Robot6 theorizes that it may be driven by a desire to enable as many different people to attend the convention as possible throughout the weekend. New York Comic Con's organizers reduced the number of weekend passes available last year for that reason.

Still, Comic-Con isn't a local show that people are likely to want to attend for just one day. It's a destination event for which people reserve hotels so they can stay and attend for the whole weekend. Expect some serious backlash to this decision.

Registration for the show was postponed several weeks ago so organizers could streamline the often-problematic online registration system. Registration is intended to begin sometime early this year.



[Via Robot6]

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