Nothing quite says Christmas like Santa Claus battling against an ancient order of Japanese assassins!

At least, that's the premise behind this month's Twitter Art Jam theme, as suggested by Rusty Shackles (former artist of ComicsAlliance's own Great Comics That Never Happened), and while it might not be quite as traditional as sliding down the chimney and putting presents in stockings, I can't deny that there's something totally awesome about Jolly Old St. Nick duking it out with Ninjas.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the @TwtrArtJam account, it's exactly what it sounds like -- a specific theme every month designed to get comics artists on Twitter to draw things they usually don't -- and it's always awesome. In the past, they've re-imagined posters for both their favorite movies and Mystery Science Theater "classics," as well as designing new box art for video games and covers for their favorite albums. But this month's... Well, it's Santa vs. Ninjas! Check out some of my favorites after the jump!

There are more up now on Twitter, and more coming! And if you're an artist who wants to participate, just draw Santa vs. Ninjas and put it on Twitter with the easy-to-remember tag #santavsninjas, and follow @TwtrArtJam to see them all!