Sandeep Parikh explored video game tropes extensively in the naughty Legend of Neil web series and now, as pointed out by Topless Robot, he's set his sights on super heroes in the equally inappropriate comedy series Save the Supers. Organized just like serialized superhero titles, the series will span seven "issues," each exploring how our changing world might impact unhinged Super Friends analogues if they existed in the real world. The first two episodes are shot similarly to The Office, complete with hand-held camera pans and zooms, plus cuts to confessional booth style insights from its colorful cast of heroes. There's also a surprising amount of action, with The Super Force team members using their powers prevalently in the first episode. There are fewer special effects in the second ep, but a certain cameo toward the end more than makes up for the absence of an over-the-top confrontation with crime. You can catch the first two highly NSFW installments of Save the Supers after the cut.

[Via Topless Robot]