If you didn't have a chance to watch all 10 episodes of Ed Brubaker's highly enjoyable "Angel of Death" web series on Crackle before it was taken down and sold on DVD, we have some excellent news: It's back online here at ComicsAlliance as one complete movie, and absolutely free to watch.

Created by Brubaker, the "Criminal" mastermind who's been scripting some of the best crime comics of our time, "Angel of Death" stars Zoe Bell ("Death Proof") and Lucy Lawless ("Xena, Warrior Princess") in this story about a female assassin who suffers a severe head trauma (read: gets a knife stuck in her head) and finds herself haunted by visions of her previous victims -- and ready to exact revenge on the mob bosses who ordered her to kill.

See the entire shebang for yourself, after the jump.

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