We''ll forgo the tired jokes about geeks and sex and the obstacles typically associated with connecting those two things and just tell you that in the near future there will be a place people can go to have sex with prostitutes dressed up like science fiction characters. Devised by Dennis Hof, one of the United States' highest profile panderers and star of the HBO documentary series Cathouse, the "Alien Cathouse" will open within a few months at a renovated bordello in Nevada, 90 miles outside of Las Vegas."Sex From Another Planet" and "Alien Cathouse Girls Do It Different" and "Girls From Another World" are among the slogans Hof invoked in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, who report that infamous madame Heidi Fleiss will consult Hof on matters of decoration and clothing. "She's the chief alien design queen," he said.

Ostensibly Area 51-themed, employees of Alien Cathouse will be dressed in "alien costumes" of an unspecified nature. While we're loathe to imagine that a brothel duly licensed by the great state of Nevada would operate under anything but the strictest legal and ethical standards, we nevertheless suspect that some unauthorized characters and costumes will find their way into the Alien Cathouse (we're sure you can imagine what convention cosplay favorites might appear on Hof's "menu," as it were -- or even [shudder] "off-menu"). But setting aside any moral objections we may or may not have to the Alien Cathouse project, we'd be impressed on a mercenary level if Hof took some inspiration from the deeper, darker places of nerd lore like perennial Federation holo-novel Vulcan Love Slave or even its sequel, Vulcan Love Slave II: The Revenge. After all, if you're going to go geek, might as well go hardcore.

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