The proton streams in Scott Balmer's artwork may be hot enough to melt your head, and the same can be said for quality of his psychedelic portraits. Balmer's graphically spastic riffs on The Legend of Zelda and action figure packages compress recognizable elements together like a box of liquefied crayons, and they rock like a clip out of Yellow Submarine.Even Balmer's tamer pieces featuring the likes of Conan and Slimer sport crazy amounts of energy and activity. Have a look through his blog archives or Flickr gallery and you'll see that he's an illustrator with many talents. We're talking sparkly robots, ornate oozy swords and surreal milky puddle-pools being used for recreational activities.

Watch him whip out some ectoplasm and madness in our favorite examples below. If this art doesn't send your brain into new and unexpected places, you probably need to work on opening up your mind a bit.