If you've been keeping up with Image's The Intrepids, then you're already familiar with the amazing art of Scott Kowalchuk, and his incredible knack for bringing stuff like killer cyborg bears to life on the comics page.

What you might not know, however, is that the work he posts on his sketchblog is every bit as amazing as what makes it into the comics. That's why we've gone through his archives to bring you our favorite pieces, including his take on Loki and Volstagg, a roundup of Batman's deadliest foes, and a surprise appearance by the cast of The Big Lebowski!

Lady Loki from Thor:

Volstagg the Valiant, Lion of Asgard and The Destroyer from Thor:

Negative Man and The Chief from DC's Doom Patrol:

Robotman and Elasti-Girl from Doom Patrol:

Dr. Strange, Marvel's Sorceror Supreme:

Rocket Raccoon and Groot, the Monarch of Planet X from Guardians of the Galaxy:

Egghead, as played by Vincent Price on Batman '66:

The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City, from Batman:

An awesome '60s style version of Batman's masked foes, The Terrible Trio:

Davros, the creator of the Daleks, from Doctor Who:

The Cast of The Big Lebowski:

And finally, a sketch of the 1966 Batmobile:

For more of Scott's incredible art, check out his website, and keep an eye on The Intrepids, out now from Image Comics!

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